The Development unit in IA raises funds to support CCS at all levels, from supporting general operations and addressing ongoing needs to enabling special projects and making possible capital improvements. The Development team is also responsible for managing on-going donor relationships for the College.  The CCS Development team generates revenue through fund raising events such as the Detroit International Wine Auction and the Student Exhibition Opening, and through other fund raising tactics including direct mail solicitations and online giving as well as major donor and capital giving campaigns. Development provides leadership and support for alumni and volunteer involvement with CCS. IA’s Development unit builds and maintains a strong regional and national network among alumni to keep them connected with CCS and each other. Volunteers are recruited, trained and assigned based on their interests and CCS needs, which range from helping to staff fund raising events to advising the College on key programs and initiatives.

If faculty and staff are interested in raising money for a project or initiative, they should begin by discussing their idea with their Department Chair and/or Dean to ensure that their initiative aligns with the College’s mission and priorities.  Once they have approval, they can refer to the General Events Policies manual found on the IA page on Blackboard, and entitled “Facility Use and Special Events Manual”, if their fundraising would happen via an event, or reach out directly to the Vice President of IA or the Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations if they are interested in pursuing grants or other types of funding for their project.