Student Concerns Committee

The Student Concerns Committee (SCC) is an avenue for early communication for faculty and staff to raise concerns about College for Creative Studies students in a confidential environment. The information shared during the course of the SCC meetings is considered sensitive and is used as one tool to determine if, when, and how further intervention will take place with a student. This committee is an information gathering body that is used to help maintain a safe and caring environment for all community members.

A cross section of personnel from the College serves on the committee to gather the broadest picture possible of a student of concern. At a minimum, representatives from Student Affairs, Campus Safety, Academic Advising and Registration, Financial Aid, Personal Counseling, Residence Life, and Academic Affairs will participate in the SCC meetings with additional staff being invited as seen fit. The members of the SCC are encouraged to share information both personally collected and those concerns reported to them by other CCS personnel.

Some examples of concerns would be unusually withdrawn behavior, a dramatic change in mood, the student expressing loneliness or depression, or a recent and significant decrease in academic performance. Please keep in mind that the Student Concerns Committee is not an emergency response team. If an emergency arises please call Campus Safety. Information reported to the committee is considered highly sensitive and will be shared only with those individuals at CCS who would be responding to the situation. To make a referral to the SCC, you can email either the Dean of Students or the Director of Wellness & Counseling Services