Junior Status

Students are required to complete all 18 credits of Foundation courses and 15 credits of 100/200 level Liberal Arts courses before they can begin their junior level departmental studio courses.

Each department decides which departmental courses students must complete before progressing to junior level department courses. Students who place into ELS 107 are not subject to the same Junior Status Policy requirements.

Students who fail to complete Junior Status requirements by the end of their sophomore year will receive a “Junior Status hold” and may need registration approval.

Foundation courses required

  • DFN 101, Foundation Drawing I
  • DFN 102, Foundation Drawing II, or DFN 112 Visualization, or DFN 141, Fundamentals of Imaging
  • DFN 116, 3D Techniques
  • DFN 117, 2D Design
  • DFN 118, 3D Design
  • DFN 119, Digital Techniques

Liberal Arts courses required

  • DFS 101, Introduction to Interdisciplinary Study
  • DEN 108, Composition II: The Art of Argumentation
  • DEN 239, Survey of World Literature
  • DAH 200, Art & Culture: Ages of Discovery
  • DAH 201, Visual Narration: Asia or Africa/America