Mentor Program

All full-time faculty are required to serve as mentors to students. The responsibility of mentors is to provide curriculum and career guidance, discuss the student’s experience at CCS and their progress in the department, and discuss trends in the industry or field for which the student is preparing. Each student in the department is assigned a faculty mentor for their freshman year and the first-semester of their sophomore year. The assigned faculty mentor is expected to meet with their mentees twice in the first semester of the freshman year and then at least once in the second semester of the freshman year and first semester of the sophomore year. Mentoring sessions can be one-on-one or in groups. Beginning with the second semester sophomore year, students may select a mentor for whom they feel an affinity, as mutually agreed upon by the student and the faculty member. This mentor need not be a faculty member in the student’s major department.

Mentoring activities vary from one department to another. Specific information concerning departmental activities can be obtained from the department chairperson or program manager. Students are welcome to visit the Academic Advising and Registration Office to find answers to general questions regarding the mentor program.