ADA Request For Academic Accommodations Process

Students should: 

  • Contact the Dean of Students at 313-664-7675 to set up a meeting to discuss academic accommodations.
  • Submit official documentation substantiating the disability. Regardless how obvious a disability may be, official documentation is needed.  A disabilities intake form is available on the College website and on BlackBoard.

CCS will then: 

  • Review requests for academic accommodations. 
  • Take appropriate measures to make approved accommodations. 

Information disclosed to CCS regarding disabilities will not be shared with anyone, except CCS personnel who need to know based on the academic accommodations being requested. Disclosure will be determined on an individual basis and the student will be notified prior to the dissemination of any information. All students are encouraged to self-disclose their disabilities which they feel may affect their academic work before the start of each term. Retroactive accommodations cannot be made for students disclosing after an assignment and/or exam. 

Questions can be directed to the Dean of Students at 313-664-7675.