Social Security Number Privacy

The College for Creative Studies, in order to properly secure and protect employee Social Security number/identification information, holds all employees that use or have access to any employee’s Social Security number and information to the highest degree of confidentiality.

In addition to the College’s normal security and confidentiality policy/practices, employees are prohibited from accessing, viewing or using other employees’ Social Security information. No employee is permitted to access or use Social Security numbers without express permission of the College.

Only authorized personnel may access records and documents, both internal and external, that contain employee Social Security number and identification information.

Any employee who accesses Social Security data without authorization, or for illegal purposes, shall be disciplined up to and including termination and, if illegal intent is determined, referred to authorities for possible criminal prosecution.

All documents and records containing Social Security numbers and information will be kept in a secure environment with need to know access by authorized personnel only. When necessary, documents containing this and other confidential information will be properly destroyed through shredding or other means before disposal.