Academic Evaluation

Students should review their academic evaluation at the end of each semester. A copy of the academic evaluation may be obtained through WebAdvisor or the Academic Advising and Registration Office. The academic evaluation identifies academic progress made toward a degree. Courses are identified by alpha letters indicating progress:

  • “C” next to a course indicates course completion
  • “I” indicates a course in progress
  • “N” is a course not started
  • “P” is a course pending completion of unfinished activity

Other Courses

In the academic evaluation there is an “other courses” section at the end of the evaluation. Courses that are not applying to the student’s major will default into this area. These courses normally default into this area if a student has changed their major and the old course is not applicable to the new major. Students can speak with their department chair about having these courses applied to their current program. Students will also see courses that they’ve withdrawn from or failed into this section. These courses are not applying to the students current degree program.

Academic advisors routinely review academic evaluations to ensure progress is being made. Students with questions should contact the Academic Advising and Registration Office.