College Purchasing

A purchase order is a promise to pay for goods and services that is sent to a vendor in order to process an order before payment is received. A purchase order MUST be used to procure goods and services unless prior authorization has been obtained from the office of the Vice President of Administration and Finance or is travel and entertainment related. Staples and Sodexo are the only vendors which we do not use a purchase order and do not need to be preapproved. The Business Services department has separate Staples Order Forms to complete for such purchases (explained further below). The VP of Administration and Finance must sign all purchase orders. Any purchases made by an employee without the consent of the VP may not be reimbursed!

Mastercard or American Express cards are available and provided to employees for the purpose of charging legitimate travel and entertainment expenses to the College. Cardholders should not use the corporate credit cards to circumvent the Colleges purchasing function by charging for other than approved travel-related expenses unless previously approved by the VP of Administration and Finance. Authorization to obtain a card must be through the VP of Administration and Finance. Although the card is issued in an individual’s name, it should be considered College property. Complete details and more information may be obtained through the Business Services department.

Form Needed

The purchase requisition form is available on the public directory in the Business Services folder and on Blackboard and should be copied on WHITE paper.

Credit Application

Credit applications are available from Business Services. It may be necessary to send a credit application to a new vendor so a PO will be accepted. If a new vendor requires the completion of their credit application, please contact the Business Services Department.


CCS is a non-profit organization and is tax-exempt. Our tax-exempt ID # is available from Business Services, as well as a tax-exempt letter. We can provide a copy of a W-9 form, the Request for Tax Payer Identification and Certification if necessary.