Health and Safety

CCS is committed to a safe and healthful environment. The College observes all federal, state and local laws governing occupational health and safety. CCS policies encourage adherence to safe and healthful work practices.

Each employee is required to perform their job in a safe and careful manner. If required by law or best practices, use protective clothing or devices. If any employee observes any dangerous or potentially harmful situation, they are required to report it to their immediate supervisor or the Director of Facilities and Administrative Services. Each employee is asked to submit suggestions concerning safety in the workplace to their immediate supervisor. While direct responsibility for the safety of any operation rests with the supervisor of that operation, each employee is personally responsible for performing assigned duties with the primary concern for their own safety, as well as the safety of students and other CCS employees.

CCS Safety Rules:

  1. Any accident or injury requiring medical attention must be immediately reported to a supervisor and the Office of Human Resources. An Accident/Injury Report form is available from Campus Security.
  2. Hazardous conditions or unsafe job practices must be brought to the attention of a supervisor.
  3. Every employee is required to know and follow all safety procedures that apply to their job.
  4. Every employee must keep work areas neat and clean.
  5. Employees must wear proper and prescribed protective equipment and clothing for a job or task.
  6. Employees must submit health and safety guidelines pertinent to the tools and materials used in each of their courses.
  7. All CCS employees must prioritize and practice safety at all times.
  8. Flammable and dangerous articles and materials must be kept in their required storage places.
  9. Fire extinguishers must be readily available when working with volatile materials.
  10. There is no smoking allowed in any CCS building or within 15 feet of a building entrance.
  11. Employees must be familiar with machinery and equipment that they use.
  12. Never attempt to operate equipment that is broken or not complete.
  13. Safety is every CCS employee’s responsibility.