What to do if an improper deduction occurs

If you believe that an improper deduction has been made from your salary or from that of another exempt employee, you should immediately report this information to the Director of Human Resources.  Reports of improper deductions will be promptly investigated.  To ensure that CCS understands your concern and is able to conduct a proper investigation, any complaint that seeks payment or a change in policy should be submitted in writing.  If it is determined that an improper deduction has occurred, the employee will be promptly reimbursed for any improper deductions made.  Employees will not suffer reprisals for making good faith reports of improper deductions.

Circumstances in which CCS may make deductions from pay

Deductions from pay of an exempt employee (who is otherwise required to be paid on a salary basis) are permissible in some situations.  These include employee absences from work for one or more full days for personal reasons other than sickness or disability; employee absences of one or more full days due to sickness or disability if the deduction is made in accordance with a bona fide plan, policy or practice of providing compensation for salary lost due to illness; to offset amounts employees receive as jury or witness fees; or for military pay; for unpaid disciplinary suspensions of one or more full days imposed in good faith for violation of written workplace conduct rules.  Also, an employer is not required to pay the full salary in the initial or terminal week of employment, for penalties imposed in good faith for infractions of safety rules of major significance, or for weeks in which an exempt employee takes unpaid leave under the Family Medical Leave Act.