Campus Safety provides 24-hour security at both the Ford Campus and the Taubman Center.  Three college administrative positions (Director, Assistant Director, Security Manager) are responsible for enforcing the security policies and procedures, as well as directing and overseeing security guard services.  Other Security personnel are employed by a contract guard agency that provides fixed and mobile security patrols, patrol supervisors and shuttle drivers supervised by CCS personnel.  Services provided by Campus Safety include safety patrols, escort service to parked vehicles on campus, auto lock out service, battery jump starts and tire inflation, and issuing and replacing access cards.

Participation in new student orientation as well as periodic specialized training on topics such as active shooter is provided in coordination with the Student Affairs Office.

Campus Safety also maintains fifty-eight First Aid stations located throughout the campuses that provide immediate accessible first aid supplies to injured persons.  The department also has trained first medical responders located on each campus.  If immediate medical attention or transportation is needed, Campus Safety will contact the contracted ambulance company which will provide transport to a local medical facility.


All CCS mail is processed through the mailroom. Incoming mail is picked up by Facilities staff in the morning from the post office, and all outgoing mail is picked up from CCS offices by 3:00 p.m. so it can be delivered to the post office by 4:30 p.m. Personal mail sent from CCS must have the proper postage affixed. Under no circumstances may CCS postage be used for personal mail.

Buildings and Grounds

The Office of Facilities and Administrative Services is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the institution’s buildings and grounds.  Cleaning is performed on a daily basis.  To avoid harming student or faculty work, classrooms and studios will only have trash removed.  Faculty should communicate with Facilities if classrooms and studios are not being cleaned properly.

For most maintenance and repair, a Maintenance Service Request (MSR) should be completed and submitted to Facilities.  MSRs are assigned a priority. Every effort is made to fulfill all MSRs in a timely manner.  If the work has not been performed within two weeks, the Facilities staff will inform the department as to the status of the MSR.  The department should call the Facilities department coordinator if there has been no communication regarding a submitted MSR within the indicated time.

The Facilities department also oversees major construction projects, and will coordinate these activities with the normal operations of CCS.

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) supports the College’s mission by implementing and maintaining academic, administrative, and enterprise (shared) infrastructure technologies and systems. These include the institution’s administrative and student information systems software, Colleague; the institutional communication portal, Canvas; the room scheduling system, R25; as well as managing the institutional technology help desk. ITS also manages the campus-wide network and Internet access, email, and voice and data services. ITS further oversees compliance with required governmental and contractual policies and protocols. Finally, ITS manages the College’s physical and virtual computing resources including computer labs, virtual desktop infrastructure, and faculty and staff computers.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Office is responsible for the administration of all human resource related functions.  These include policy and procedure development and administration, recruitment, employment, employee development, compensation and benefits.  The director provides leadership for college administrators to develop and sustain positive employee relations, policies and procedures, performance management, and salary and benefit plan administration.