Adding/Dropping Classes

Courses for which a student is enrolled at the conclusion of the Add/Drop period will be used to determine attempted courses for the Course Completion Rate. Therefore, if it is necessary to adjust one’s class schedule, it is best to do so during the Add/Drop period of the semester. Courses that are dropped after conclusion of the Add/Drop period will show a recorded grade of W, WN, or WF. This will be counted as an unsuccessfully completed course, thus lowering the student’s completion rate.

Students may use Self-Service to add or drop classes up until the last day to add a class in accordance with the academic calendar. After the last day to add a course, if a student wishes to drop a course, students must complete the online drop form that is available on the AARO Campus Office page. 

Students who drop classes during the first seven business days of classes (see Academic Calendar for specific dates) are not charged for the drop. After the seventh day, dropped classes are charged on a sliding scale and those courses will receive a grade of “W”, “WN”, or “WF”.

The academic calendar offers specific tuition reimbursement information. The last day to withdraw from a course is on the Friday of the thirteenth week of classes. No exceptions to this deadline will be made.

The College reserves the right to cancel or change classes, instructors, and schedules; to revise tuition and fee structure; and to amend College policies for the efficient operation of the College. Students are notified by the Academic Advising and Registration Office of any course changes.