Community Arts Partnerships

Community Arts Partnerships program develops and maintains collaborations between the College and community organizations to bring educational experiences in art, design, and new technologies to underserved populations. The Director acts as a resource for faculty and programs within the College that seek to develop community partnerships.

Precollege and Continuing Studies

The Precollege and Continuing Studies (PCCS) department at CCS offers art and design courses for people of all ages; pre-college programs such as Precollege Summer Experience, Teen Summer Camps, Dual Enrollment, youth programs such as Second Saturdays and Summer youth day camps; adult non-credit courses, certificate programs; and professional development programs.

Community Outreach

Located in the heart of a complex urban region and possessing unique resources of value to that region, CCS recognizes a responsibility to serve the community of which it is a part. Thus, its mission includes not only collegiate education in art and design but community education as well. The goals of its community outreach activities include:

  • bringing the enrichment of art and design education to a wider population
  • illuminating the satisfying career opportunities available in the art and design fields
  • increasing the representation of minorities in the art and design professions
  • promoting economic and community development in Detroit and Southeastern Michigan

Community outreach occurs in many ways at CCS, through the activities of individual faculty members, through the academic departments, and through special projects and programs. These offices play key roles in outreach and comprise the Community Arts Division: Center Galleries (described above), Pre-College and Continuing Studies and Community Arts Partnerships.