Emergency Response

All Academic Facilities shop managers, staff and work-study technicians are certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED. Campus Safety has implemented a step-by-step response plan for accidents, injuries and fire that may occur in the shops. The plan is posted in each area. Faculty should familiarize themselves with these procedures.

When anyone is injured, the supervisor at the shop must fill out an Accident/Injury Report Form at the CCS Security Office.

Director of Academic Facilities

The Director of Academic Facilities oversees all Academic Facilities operations, equipment, technology, and strategic planning. The Director works with faculty, staff and students to  strengthen the infrastructure for teaching and learning in an interdisciplinary environment through the safe operation of the academic facilities. The Director of Academic Facilities provides direction and support for pedagogy, research, operations, equipment purchasing, training, growth, and technology. The Director is an ex-officio member of the Health and Safety Committee of the Faculty Assembly that works to create policy that improves and supports a safe and healthy working environment campus- wide, and communicates those policies to the larger CCS community.