Independent Study

An Independent Study is available to undergraduate students who are at Junior or Senior level standing and first and second year graduate students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or above. The student may receive approval to work in an area or on a project that is not otherwise offered or addressed in the curriculum. Students may receive credit toward graduation for no more than 6 credit hours.

  • The student must complete an Independent Study Form, also available in the Academic Advising and Registration Office.
  • The student must submit a minimum 150-word Independent Study Proposal, along with the Independent Study Approval Form, to the Chair of the department in which they wish to study stating reason the independent study and their plan for study, including topics to be covered and goals.
  • Once the Department Chair approves of the Independent Study, the instructor appointed to oversee the Independent Study must write an Independent Study Syllabus with a detailed course description, learning outcomes, assignments, meeting dates (minimum of four), due dates, and grading criteria.
  • The Independent Study Approval Form, with faculty and Chair signatures, must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs for final approval by the Undergraduate Dean, Graduate Dean, or the Dean of Academic Affairs.
  • The student takes the final approved form to the Academic Advising and Registration Office in order to register for the Independent Study. Independent Study forms must be turned in no later than the final day to add a class of the semester in which the Independent Study is to be taken.