Section Leads

Section Leads

In departments with extensive or diverse curricula, the Department Chair may recommend the establishment of a section for administrative purposes and the appointment of a full-time faculty member as Section Lead. Usually a section is organized around a discipline.


The Section Leads serve in an advisory capacity to the Department Chair. The Section Leads make recommendations to the Chair in the areas of curriculum, faculty assignments, facilities maintenance and improvement, annual and capital budget, full and part-time faculty recruitment and visiting artists.

Position Description

  • Manages shop space in collaboration with technicians. This includes maintenance, ordering supplies, capital requests, cleaning and organizing, etc.
  • Monitors shop space in collaboration with technicians, creates and enforces access policies.
  • Manages course tally in collaboration with Chair and PM,  determines and schedules classes for each semester, to be consistent with demand and curriculum requirements.
  • Manages Adjunct Instructors in collaboration with Department Chairs. The Section Lead may be involved in hiring, reviews, fielding questions, and ensuring teaching quality.
  • Manages review, editing and submission of course syllabi as assigned by Chair.
  • Section leads are full-time faculty and are responsible for full-time faculty course load and college service.
  • In collaboration with Department Chairs, manages curriculum-related tasks such as department transfer requests, independent study requests, student concerns, new courses, course updates, and curriculum charts per emphasis.

Department Eligibility

  • Departments that require a faculty member to oversee physical shop space and/or manage a specific curriculum are eligible.
  • Departments apply for stipend funds through the budget process and complete a Change to Existing Position form.
  • Workload is evaluated collaboratively by the Dean and Chair to evaluate the need.


  • Section Lead duties are designated in the job description upon hiring. The Department Chair may appoint a Section Lead from full-time faculty if approved through the budget process and a Change to Existing Position form is completed.
  • Reappointment is annually based on Chair recommendation.
  • Only full-time faculty are eligible.


  • Section Leads are evaluated in the annual appraisal by the Department Chair following the procedure for all faculty.