Academic Advising and Registration Office Forms

  1. Academic Alert Form– This online form was designed to proactively help students who may need additional support with their academic progress. An instructor may submit an Academic Alert Referral for any student in order to address an academic concern. The Academic Alert Referral may be found on the attendance roster on WebAdvisor or on BlackBoard, All faculty Organization, Documents.
  2. Registration Permission – a pink half-sheet form that requires the signature of the Department Chair or Program Manager, granting a student permission to register for a course that is filled or that has some other restriction.
  3. Add/Drop – a blue colored form that the student must complete in order to begin the process of dropping (withdrawing) or adding a course. The student’s Academic Advisor must sign the form for drops but no signature is needed to add a course. If the student is changing section numbers no Advisor’s signature is needed.
  4. Curriculum Change – a form completed by a Department Chair advising Registration to alter a student’s curriculum in some way.
  5. Department Transfer – a form with which a student may transfer from one department to another. The student must present their portfolio to the proposed new department for acceptance. The new Department Chair will sign and date the form, which indicates acceptance of the student into the major and confirms assignment of studio credit.
  6. Declaration of Minor – a form with which a student may declare a minor. Currently, students may minor in Art History, Art Therapy, Creative Writing, Critical Theory, Sustainability or Social Responsibility, Visual Culture or in any studio department.
  7. Complete Withdrawal Form – if a student intends a complete withdrawal from CCS for the semester they must meet with an Advisor in the Academic Advising and Registration Office and then a Financial Aid officer for an exit interview. The Academic Advising and Registration Office processes the Complete Withdrawal Form and distributes it to all concerned departments.