Crisis Management Plan

The College has a Crisis Management Plan, developed by Campus Safety and Human Resources, that details procedures for responding to man-made and natural emergencies that might confront the College. The plan covers medical emergencies, crimes in progress, bomb threats, tornadoes and fires. The focus is on reporting emergencies, critical infrastructure assessment, evacuations of buildings, recovery of services and return to operating standards. The full plan is available on the CCS Policy Database and, additionally, a pamphlet is available from Campus Safety with important summary information.

Security Procedures and Services

If you notice any suspicious or inappropriate activity, please notify the Security office (extension 7444, Ford Campus or extension 1444, Taubman Center) immediately, or push the red “assistance button” on one of the Emergency phones located around each campus and in the parking decks. When Campus Safety is notified of an incident, they will take the appropriate action to ensure your safety on campus.

In addition to the emergency phones and patrols, activity on campus and in the parking deck at CCS is monitored and digitally recorded by 250 closed circuit television cameras strategically placed on the campuses.

Victims of a crime while on campus or in the vicinity of campus should call Campus Safety immediately or report to the Campus Safety office on the main level of the Kresge Ford Building, across from the CCS bookstore or on the main floor of the Taubman Center. Campus Safety will provide immediate assistance and first aid if required. If additional assistance is needed, the shift supervisor will make the necessary notifications.

If at any time an escort is needed anywhere on campus, the patron should dial extension 7444 at the Ford Campus and 1444 at the Taubman Center and let the Campus Safety officer know their location. The on duty supervisor will send a Campus Safety officer to escort them to their indicated destination on campus.

A pamphlet on emergency procedures is available in each administrative office. Additional copies can be obtained from the Office of Campus Safety and Security or the Human Resources office.

Campus Emergency Alert Program

The College for Creative Studies uses an electronic emergency notification system called Alert Emergency Notification System. This system has the capability of sending electronic emergency notices regarding severe weather, school closings and emergency situations to all students, staff and faculty via their CCS email account, and cell phone (if registered with the Alert system). In the event of an emergency situation on campus, the message will include the location of the emergency and instructions on what action to take. Register your information with the Campus Emergency Alert Program by going to your Blackboard account and completing the alert notification system section.


Campus Safety provides 24-hour security at both the Ford Campus and the Taubman Center. Three college administrative positions (Director, Assistant Director, Security Manager) are responsible for enforcing the security policies and procedures, as well as directing and overseeing security guard services. Other Security personnel are employed by a contract guard agency that provides fixed and mobile security patrols, patrol supervisors and shuttle drivers supervised by CCS personnel. Services provided by Campus Safety include safety patrols, escort service to parked vehicles on campus, auto lock out service, battery jump starts and tire inflation, and issuing and replacing access cards.

Participation in new student orientation as well as periodic specialized training on topics such as active shooter is provided in coordination with the Student Affairs Office.

Campus Safety also maintains fifty-eight First Aid stations located throughout the campuses that provide immediate accessible first aid supplies to injured persons. The department also has trained first medical responders located on each campus. If immediate medical attention or transportation is needed, Campus Safety will contact the contracted ambulance company which will provide transport to a local medical facility.