Faculty Concerns Committee

A faculty member may seek to resolve a dispute by making a request to the Faculty Concerns Committee (FCC). The FCC serves as a body of appeal for faculty members seeking redress of grievances and concerns. Its purpose is resolution of issues, not initiation or proposal of concerns. The FCC judges the validity of grievances reported to it by individual faculty members and recommends appropriate resolutions to the Dean of Academic Affairs, graduate and undergraduate Deans, and the President. The FCC serves as a body of appeals of Faculty Review Committee (FRC) decisions. Additionally, the FCC will hear faculty grievances related to termination, contract non-renewal, or contract length reduction. The Faculty Concerns Committee does not have authority to handle discrimination and harassment matters. Any faculty member who wishes to institute such a grievance should notify the Chair of the committee in writing. Once the FCC has made its recommendation to the appropriate Dean, and/or the President, the administration will pass on to the aggrieved faculty member in a timely fashion, the findings of the Committee, along with the administration’s final decision.

CCS will participate in an FCC proceeding regarding an employment-related claim instituted by a faculty member only if the faculty member executes a release of claims that protects CCS from litigation related to the FCC process. CCS will not provide any information to the FCC regarding an employment-related claim without such a release. The release form is available from the Office of Human Resources.