Outside Professional Work

The College encourages and expects faculty to remain active in their professional or academic disciplines. These activities can take many forms, including doing professional work or providing services for pay. However, such activity should not interfere with the faculty member’s ability to fulfill their CCS responsibilities. In the event that the College determines that such outside professional activity conflicts with the satisfactory performance of the faculty member’s obligation, the Dean of Graduate or Undergraduate Studies may require that the faculty member cease such activity or appropriately and effectively adjust the faculty member’s teaching commitment and/or status.

No equipment or supplies owned or provided by CCS are to be taken off campus and used in conjunction with any external work, unless the faculty member obtains prior agreement in writing from CCS and accepts responsibility for the item as part of that agreement. A copy of such an agreement must be provided to the appropriate Department Chair or facility director.

The College assumes no responsibility and/or liability for the competence or performance of outside activities engaged in by faculty members, nor may any responsibility be implied in advertising with respect to such activities.