Personnel Records


A master personnel record containing administrative staff records and other pertinent data is maintained in the Human Resources office. The Human Resources office maintains records concerning employment, performance, payroll, benefits, and other miscellaneous items. No information, except verification of employment dates and job title, will be released to outside sources without the employee’s written authorization, unless disclosure is required by subpoena or court order or is necessary to meet some legal obligation of CCS. A written authorization from the employee is required for the Human Resources office to release salary information.

It is each administrative staff member’s responsibility to inform the Human Resources office of any changes in the following: name, address, telephone, marital status, dependents, beneficiaries, and emergency contacts.

Administrative staff have the right to review their Personnel Record in the Human Resources office, with a prior appointment. These Personnel Records are confidential and may only be reviewed by the administrative member, or the appropriate supervisory personnel of the administrative staff member.