Direct Deposit Banking

All employees must have their paycheck automatically deposited in the bank(s) or credit union(s) of their choice or enroll for a debit card. Paychecks may be deposited in more than one account and more than one bank or credit union. Employees must complete a Direct Deposit form or Debit Card enrollment form with the Human Resource office.

Pay Periods

All faculty positions are classified as salaried and exempt. Salaried staff are paid twice per month (semi-monthly / 24 checks) on the 15th and last working day of the month.

Hourly staff and work study are paid biweekly (26 checks). When biweekly employees receive three pays within a calendar month, benefits are not deducted from the third pay of the month.

If the regular payday falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, paychecks will be issued on the last workday before the regular payday.

Online access to pay information is available through WebAdvisor.


Salaries are determined annually, based on the faculty member’s performance and on salary policies established each year by the Board of Trustees. Department Chairs, at the Deans’ and Provost’s discretion, may be consulted in making salary recommendations. The Provost consults with the Deans regarding salary increases for faculty in each Dean’s division, and the Provost then compiles a set of salary recommendations that are submitted to the President for consideration and approval. CCS is committed, within the constraints of its budget, to recognizing excellent faculty performance through salary adjustments. Poor performance may be recognized through low or, if appropriate, no salary increases.