Terms of Employment for Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty receive an email letter that incorporates the class taught, rate of pay, and contact hours. All adjunct faculty are invited to a new faculty orientation that reviews policies, duties, responsibilities, and other information contained in the CCS faculty handbook. The handbook is available on Blackboard.

In certain circumstances, an adjunct faculty member may be employed without an email letter of appointment. Adjunct faculty are appointed on a semester-by-semester basis at the sole discretion of the Department Chair. An appointment for one semester does not guarantee an appointment for any subsequent semester. Adjunct faculty may be terminated for cause at any time during a semester. Such causes may include but are not limited to: academic falsification of credentials or work product, professional or personal misconduct, incompetence, and failure to perform teaching responsibilities and/or other assigned duties. Adjunct faculty terminations are handled by the Department Chair in consultation with the appropriate Dean.

CCS Alumni Teaching at the College

In order to ensure that an individual has developed the appropriate background and skill to qualify as an instructor, a graduate of the College for Creative Studies may be hired as an adjunct faculty member only after having three years of direct or related work experience.

Administrative Staff Teaching at the College

Administrative staff may, from time to time, teach classes in the degree, Pre-College and Continuing Education, and Community Arts Partnerships Programs. Administrative staff may teach classes in these programs providing the classes do not interfere with their primary responsibilities and scheduled work times. Administrative staff may not teach any classes scheduled prior to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday unless otherwise approved by the appropriate Dean or the Associate Provost.

Adjunct Review Process

New faculty are reviewed by the Department Chair during the semester through a classroom observation evaluation. Faculty are evaluated on planning/preparation, creating a positive learning environment, content deliver, achieving learning outcomes, and communication style. A semester-end evaluation is completed after the course concludes, which determines whether faculty will be retained. An action plan is included, if needed, for performance improvement. This process may be repeated in subsequent semesters should the Department Chair determine the need.

Missed Classes

Adjunct faculty who cannot meet a class for valid reasons must contact the Department Chair or the Program Manager, as well as make all determined efforts to provide each student with as much advance notice as is realistically feasible. In the event of prior knowledge of valid inability to meet a class, the Department Chair is required to arrange for a substitute instructor with a current full-time or adjunct faculty, or a member of the department’s adjunct “pool,” or schedule an equivalent make-up class period. If an adjunct faculty member misses class due to illness or another valid reason approved by the appropriate Chair, and an adjunct serves as a substitute instructor, the College will provide appropriate remuneration for the substitute. Adjunct faculty who miss classes will have their pay reduced by a pro-rated amount for that class. The Program Manager should initiate a payment request for the substitute. The request should be signed by the Department Chair and forwarded to the appropriate Dean’s office.