The Academic Advising & Registration Office (AARO) provides a variety of registration and records services, as well as academic advising for undergraduate students. Services include: course selection/registration; guidance/assistance with forms and procedures; referrals; transfer credit consultations; VA enrollment certification; graduation applications/degree completion; AICAD Exchange Program applications, etc.


Connecting With Staff

In an effort to maintain the health and safety of our students and staff, the Academic Advising & Registration Office (AARO) will provide assistance via email, phone, and/or by appointment. All appointments are conducted via phone or zoom which will allow us to better serve your needs while adhering to the social distancing standards. To make an appointment with AARO staff, please click on the “Meet with..” link underneath the appropriate staff name to the right.


Student Records : Procedures

Dropping or adding a class

Dropping or Adding a class can impact tuition costs, refunds, financial aid and in some cases affect progress towards your degree. Please make sure you understand the policies and procedures when dropping or adding courses. Refer to the Academic Calendar for all registration, add/drop, and withdrawal deadlines.

Dropping a course during the Add/Drop Period

Students can drop a course online during the add/drop period of a semester using Self-Service/Student Planning:

  • Online drop requests can be processed through the 100% refund deadline (4:30pm EST).
  • Students can change the section (day/time) of a registered course online during this time. We advise against dropping a “required” course before consulting with an Academic Advisor. It is in the student’s best interest to understand how dropping a core requirement will impact semester and/or studio progression and future registration.

Note: Students CANNOT drop all registered courses for a semester in Student Planning. See Complete Withdrawals and Leave of Absence.

Dropping a class after the 100% refund deadline

Dropping a course after the add/drop period of a semester is considered a course withdrawal and may impact your Satisfactory Academic Progress and Tuition Withdrawal Charges.

  • Submit the Course Withdrawal Form.
  • Advisor approval is required for course withdrawals.
  • Additional review is required by the Financial Aid Office for request that include the following:
    • Students withdrawing from credits that will change their status from full-time to part-time.
    • Part-time students withdrawing from any number of registered credits.
    • Students who request to maintain less than 6.0 registered credits.
  • Students should include current contact information on the course withdrawal form if staff need to verify information submitted for the request.
  • Course Withdrawal requests must be received by deadlines specified on the Academic Calendar (4:30pm EST). Please submit your request early to allow time for processing!

Important! Requesting a withdrawal from all courses for any semester is a “COMPLETE WITHDRAWAL” and requires a different form. See Complete Withdrawals and Leave of Absence.

Students are responsible for withdrawing any class in which they are no longer attending and will be graded accordingly.

Add/Drop/Withdrawal FAQs

Adding a Class

Students can add or register a class online using Self-Service/Student Planning during the add/drop period, through the “last day to register” for a semester (see Academic Calendar for registration deadlines).

Need more help? Also see:

Registration and Course Scheduling
Prerequisite Waivers, Registration Overloads and Restrictions

For other course scheduling assistance, make an appointment with an Academic Advisor. Students will be advised on course selection, online registration, and guided through appropriate steps if registration approval is necessary.

grades and gpa

All records of midterm and final grades are available to students on the SelfService homepage (see Grades and select the appropriate term). Grades are released to students each semester on the dates provided in the Academic Calendar. Student progress is evaluated at the end of each academic semester and must maintain the minimum GPA requirements for the enrolled program.

  • Undergraduate Students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA. Lowest passing grade for undergraduate courses is a D-.
  • Graduate Students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Lowest passing grade for graduate studies’ courses is a C.
  • Teacher Certification students must maintain a 2.7 cumulative grade point average for all required Art Education courses. Lowest passing grade is a C for Art Education requirements.

Incomplete Grades are given based on approval and review of extenuating circumstances; generally approved for those students who are unable to complete a small amount of work for the semester. Questions about receiving an Incomplete Grade should be directed to the Instructor first.

  • Incomplete Grade forms must include a student signature and are submitted to the AARO by the approving department only.

Grade Changes and Appeals are available if a student thinks they received a grade in error, or if a student has disputed a recorded grade. Grade Change requests should be directed to the instructor of the course. Additional follow-up or concerns can be directed to the Department Chair.

  • Grade Change forms are submitted to the AARO by the approving department only.

Grade and GPA Resources

Obtaining Grades online
Incomplete Grades
Grade Appeal Process
Grade Changes
Grade Scale
Dean’s and President’s List

name, address, and personal information change requests

The records office should always have the most current student contact information if any changes occur during your studies (or during a leave of absence). Allow 5-7 business days to update records across campus offices.

Student Phone, Address, and Personal Email

  • Log-in to Self-Service, select “profile” from the menu to update your address, personal email and/or phone number.
  • Communication from CCS will continue to go to your CCS email account.

International Students must first notify the International Student Services Office (ISSO) before submitting name and personal information requests – additional forms or approvals may be required.

Legal Name Changes

If you have legally changed your name due to marriage, divorce or a court decree, official documentation is required to update your student records.

Chosen (Preferred) Names

Students may request the use of a chosen (preferred) first name without official documentation.

  • Current students must complete the Chosen Name section of the Name Change form.
  • Chosen names will appear on class rosters, Blackboard, and Self-Service. Some restrictions apply, see the Chosen and Legal Name Policy for complete details.

Need a new ID card? Contact the CCS Campus Safety Office to make an appointment, fees may apply.

Name and Personal Identity Resources

Chosen and Legal Name Policy (includes Chosen Name Display Areas)
Office of Institutional Equity and Inclusion (OIEI)
International Student Services Office (ISSO)
Alumni may continue to contact the AARO to update personal information for records requests.
PCS students – contact Pre-College and Continuing Studies Office

official ccs transcript and enrollment verifications

Official CCS Transcripts

Request your official CCS Transcripts online through Parchment.

Unofficial CCS Transcripts

Downloaded unofficial transcripts online by logging in to Self-Service. View the menu > select Academics > see Unofficial Transcript.

Transcript request help!

If you need help requesting a transcript (official or unofficial) please do the following:

  • Send an email to aaro@collegeforcreativestudies.edu.
  • Include your full name and student ID number
  • Include your maiden name, or former name associated with your student records, if applicable.

Enrollment Verifications

Log-in to Self-Service and select the Enrollment Verifications option to complete the online form.

View the CCS Transcripts and Enrollment Verification Policy for fees and additional information or contact the AARO at 313-664-7672 or email aaro@collegeforcreativestudies.edu with questions.

Please allow 48-72 hours (or 2-3 business days) to process requests.

student records privacy (FERPA)

Student records are protected under FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

Information pertaining to a student’s record cannot be disclosed to anyone other than the student. Information such as (but not limited to):

  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • Financial
  • Disciplinary

To authorize release of academic, financial, or other records:

Submit the Authorization to Release Records Form accompanied by student’s identification (exp., driver’s license) to the AARO.

The college can release what is considered “Directory Information” unless the student makes a request to withhold this information.

  • Name
  • Major
  • Degree
  • Attendance dates
  • Graduation date

To withhold Directory Information:

Submit the Request to Withhold Directory Information Form.

Details for Withholding Directory Information and/or to Release Educational Records are listed on the affiliated forms.

  • View the FERPA links below for additional information on policies and guidelines.
  • Contact the AARO for assistance with student records.

FERPA Resources

FERPA – General Guidelines
CCS FERPA Policy and Directory Information

New Students

General Reminders!

  • Check your CCS email regularly (contact I.T. immediately to troubleshoot log-in errors).
  • Adhere to important dates and deadlines listed on the Academic Calendar.
  • Contact CCS advising and registration services for clarification on policies and procedures for your student records and program options.
    • Undergraduate and TC students contact the AARO – Academic Advising & Registration Office.
    • International Undergraduate & Graduate Studies contact the ISSO – International Student Services Office.