Preparing for Registration

What to do first!

Important: Contact your Financial Aid Counselor to confirm steps for completing your FAFSA and planning your tuition. Payment/billing options are available throught he Business Services Office.

Step 1 – Complete Required Forms & Check Accounts

All students are required to complete these 4 steps in Self-Service BEFORE registering for classes:

  • Complete Required Agreements
  • Update User Profile (personal information)
  • Update Emergency Contact Information
  • Check for Account Holds/Notifications

Step 2 – Confirm Your Date for Registration

Current Students

“Priority Registration” for the academic year is available to current students each April.
Year Long – Priority Registration dates are based on enrollment status and class level.

Priority Registration Chart for Current Students

Enrollment StatusClass levelStatus of Credits*Priority Registration begins
Graduate Studentsall(completed + in-progress credits)First Day of Year Long Registration
TC/Post Degree Studentsall(completed + in-progress credits)First Day of Year Long Registration
Veteran Studentsall(completed + in-progress credits)First Day of Year Long Registration
UndergraduateSenior level90 or more credits (completed + in-progress credits)*First Day (Wednesday) of Year Long Registration
UndergraduateJunior60 – 89.5 credits (completed + in-progress)*First Friday of Year Long Registration
UndergraduateSophomore30 – 59.5 credits (completed + in-progress credits)*Second Wednesday of Year Long Registration
UndergraduateFreshman29.5 or less credits (completed + in-progress credits)*Second Friday of Year Long Registration
  • Class Level is determined by the sum of “completed” and “in-progress” credits at CCS.
    *In-progress credits do not include “pending” transfer credit.
  • Priority registration is not based on studio course level.
  • Priority registration dates for all class levels are listed on the Academic Calendar.
  • Students cannot register before their assigned “priority registration” date.
  • Students may enroll in courses starting at midnight on the designated date.
  • Students may register for all open semesters of the academic year (Fall, Winter, Summer).
  • Registration/Tuition deadlines and policies apply for each registered semester!

Note to New/Incoming Students: All Incoming/New Students register with an Academic Advisor for their first semester, and are notified when sign-up is available for the “required” New Student Advising & Registration sessions.

How to check your Class Level?

  1. Log-in to Self Service
Sign in to the College for Creative Studies Self Service portal by entering your User name and Password. Then click the Sign in button.
  1. Select “Student Planning”.
Select the "Student Planning" option from the Self Service main menu.
  1. Select “#1 View Your Progress”.
On the Self Service Student Planning "Steps to Getting Started" page, choose the "#1 View Your Progress" option.
  1. The program information listed should display your CURRENT PROGRAM/MAJOR
Your program information should now be listed with your current program and major.
  1. View the credit progress bar. Add your completed credits to the in-progress credits to retrieve the total credits that will determine your class level for registration.

Completed Credits are highlighted “GREEN”.
In-Progress Credits are highlighted “LIGHT GREEN”.
Note: Planned Credits are highlighted “YELLOW” or “CREAM” and are not used to determine class level.

An example of a progress bar for total credits in the Student Self Service web application.

NEXT: Check your TOTAL CREDITS against the CLASS LEVEL chart to confirm your current status.

In this sample, the student has a total of 28 credits. Based on the CLASS LEVEL policy, 28 credits fall under the “freshmen” class level. Priority registration for this student is available on the “freshmen registration date”.

Students are eligible for priority registration dates based on class level. Some courses are also restricted to class levels and may require registration permission, if students do not meet the required class level.

Step 3 – Plan Your Courses and Schedule Meetings!

Schedule an Academic Advising appointment for assistance to confirm required classes for each semester. Work with your Advisor to “Plan and Schedule” your classes in Self-Service/Student Planning.

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