Complete Withdrawals and Leave of Absence

Before making a decision to withdraw or take a leave of absence, students should consider all options and understand any consequences related to academic status, tuition charges, and/or Financial Aid eligibility.

If you are thinking about doing a Complete Withdrawal or taking a Leave of Absence

  • Contact Financial Aid staff in advance to review and discuss any financial concerns or negative impacts on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
  • In some cases, alternative support may be available to help students maintain their studies.
  • Schedule an Advising appointment to review the impact on your degree progress or timeline to graduation. Learn about course/credit options to help keep you on path to degree completion.

New/Incoming students: STOP HERE! If the semester has not started, please contact your Admissions Counselor, Academic Advisor or Financial Aid immediately for instructions.

How to request a Complete Withdrawal of Leave of Absence

  • Fill out the online Complete Withdrawal and Leave of Absence form
  • On the form, select either:
    1. Complete Withdrawal
    2. Leave of Absence
  • Current Students must complete exit counseling with Financial Aid Staff and consult with Advising Staff before a Complete Withdrawal or Leave of Absence request is processed (please note all meetings are virtual or by phone).
  • Students receive an email confirmation once the request has been processed.
  • Allow 24 hours for processing (check Academic Calendar for semester deadlines)
  • Forms will be processed during business hours only by 4:30pm EST.
  • Questions about the status of your request should be directed to

What’s the difference between a Complete Withdrawal and Leave of Absence?

A Complete Withdrawal is required when a student seeks to drop/withdraw all registered classes in which they no longer plan to attend for a current or future term. Students are responsible for withdrawing classes for any term they do not plan to complete and should check the Academic Calendar for tuition refund deadlines. Withdrawing students may also indicate their intention of return on the Complete Withdrawal.

Students who registered for the full academic year (Fall, Winter, Summer) should evaluate if they need to withdraw from one or all semesters.

Common reasons for a Complete Withdrawal from registered courses

  • Health/Medical reasons
  • Personal/Family
  • Unexpected Financial Reasons
  • Other circumstances

A Leave of Absence can be requested when a student is not registered for the current or upcoming term they no longer plan to attend. Students taking a leave of absence do not plan to register or return for a period of at least 1 semester.

Common Reasons for a leave of absence from CCS

  • Taking an Internship (non-credit)
  • Personal/Family
  • Taking a break from studies
  • Other circumstances

A leave or withdrawal that extends a student’s absence from CCS beyond 1 semester could impact Financial aid and/or loan repayments. Students will need to reapply to CCS if their absence from the college exceeds the time-frame listed in the Leave of Absence Policy.

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