Prerequisite Waivers, Overloads and Restriction Permission

Prerequisite Waivers

Prerequisite (or requisite)
A course that must be completed before another course is started

Requisites for a course are in place to ensure students meet certain requirements before moving on to another course (generally a higher level).

A Prerequisite Waiver is required to register for a class that does not have all listed requisites met (i.e., to register for DIL 246 in the Illustration Department for an upcoming term, requisite courses of DIL 159 and DIL 247 must be satisfied from a prior term).

During the registration period, students can register for courses of an upcoming term while the requisites are “in-progress”, with the intention that all requisites are satisfied prior to the start of the new term. Final grades are monitored to confirm if students have successfully completed the requisites.

To obtain a waiver for a course prerequisite:

Contact the department administrator or department chair of that course for approval.

  • If approved, the department will submit the Course Registration Approval form.
  • See the online Academic Directory for contact information.
  • Upon approval, the AARO will apply the waiver to the student’s record which will allow the student to register for the course online.
  • Confirmation of the waiver will be sent to the student’s CCS email.


  • If you have already satisfied required prerequisites for a course, but are unable to add the course online due to technical errors, please submit the Online Registration Help Form <coming soon> to the AARO directly.
  • If any other overrides are necessary for the course (restricted course, closed course, etc), please speak with the Department BEFORE requesting the prerequisite waiver, so all permission requests are considered and placed on one form for processing.
  • Allow 48 hours for processing.
  • Get this! Prerequisite waivers can be approved anytime before registration begins or during the registration period. Prepare in advance when possible!

Registration Overloads and Restriction Permission

Approval is required for registration into “closed courses” or for classes “restricted” to students by class level (Senior, Junior, Sophomore, or Freshmen).

  • Students must meet the credit requirement to register for a restricted class. See section on Registration and Course Scheduling to view the class level/credit chart.
  • Closed sections should only be requested if there are no other options to satisfy your degree requirement. Please check for other available sections of the course before requesting an overload. Schedule an Advising Appointment if you have questions about your course options.

To obtain registration permission for an “overload” or “restricted” course:

  • Contact the department Program Manager or Department Chair of that course for approval.
  • See the Academic Directory for contact information.
  • If approved, the Department will submit the Course Registration Approval form to the Academic Advising and Registration Office.
  • Confirmation of the completed request will be sent to the student’s CCS email.


  • Allow 48 hours for processing.
  • Course overload and restriction requests can only be approved during the registration period (The AARO will not accept these requests/approvals before registration begins).

Note: All New/Incoming Students must first contact their Academic Advisor regarding any prerequisite, overload, and/or restriction concerns.