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It is the intent of the college to provide the most accurate information to staff, faculty and students (prospective and current) when delivering content relative to our college catalog, curriculum and degree programs (including course descriptions). This information is used college wide and impacts areas of recruitment, enrollment, scheduling and student records. Questions about deadlines can be directed to the Registrar at 313-664-7671.

*Year-long registration opens in April for all academic semesters (Fall, Winter, and Summer).

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Attendance must be recorded and verified for all students the FIRST WEEK of class. Veteran students must have attendance recorded for the entire semester.

The final Class rosters are sent out by the Assistant Registrar after the last day to add.

Drop Reports are sent to departments each Monday after the last day to add.


  • Students attending a course but not on the roster
    • Direct students who are not on a class roster to the Academic Advising & Registration Office immediately. Students who are sitting in on a class (auditing), must be registered by the last day to add (see Academic Calendar for deadlines). 
    • Students’ names will not appear on attendance rosters or grading rosters if they are not properly registered in your course. 
  • Students who fail a course due to non-attendance and do not officially withdraw or drop. 
    • Students who earn a failing grade due to non-attendance must have a “WF” grade entered, along with the last date of attendance. 
    • Federal Funding regulations require the college to have accurate attendance recorded for any failed courses due to non-attendance. 
    • WF grades (along with the last date of attendance) should be entered as earned during midterm and final grading.
    • WF grades (along with the last date of attendance) must be recorded accurately for Financial Aid compliance and for withdrawal purposes processed by the Academic Advising & Registration Office. 
    • Students who stop attending a course before the final drop deadline, can be directed to drop the course through AARO.
  • Absence forms are not processed by the AARO and are not required in the records office. Form submissions for absences can be suggested at the discretion of the instructor and are submitted to the instructor. See complete Attendance Policy or contact Academic Affairs.


Recording Student Attendance Policy

Monitoring Student Attendance

Attendance Policy


The CCS grading scale is found in the college policy database. All grades have a submission deadline posted each year on the Academic Calendar. All grades are due by 12:00pm (Noon) EST on the posted deadline.

Midterm grades are a progress report only; they do not affect a student’s cumulative grade point average. However, these grades are an essential component in the advising process. Faculty should provide a grade that is an accurate reflection of the student’s current course progress. Faculty may not assign grades of “I” (Incomplete grade),”W”, “WN” at midterm. 

Valid midterm grades entered by Faculty are: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, F, and WF**.

Note: A+ is not a part of the grading scheme.

All recorded midterm grades are available online to students in Self-Service.

Final Grades are entered by the Faculty into WebAdvisor. There are no exceptions to the due date. Final grades are available to students once all grades are entered and then verified by the Registrar. Faculty may not assign grades of ”W” or “WN” for final grading. 

Valid final grades entered by Faculty are: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, F, I* and WF**.

Note: A+ is not a part of the grading scheme.

Note: Final Drop grades of W and WN are not entered by Faculty and are only recorded in student records by the Academic Advising & Registration Office.

All recorded final grades are available online to students in Self-Service.

*Incomplete Grades (or grade of “I”) may be given to a student when a minimal number of course assignments have not been completed due to unavoidable and legitimate circumstances. The instructor must submit the Incomplete Grade Verification form to the Academic Advising and Registration Office at the time of grading. Students have one semester to finish any work necessary to complete the course. The instructor must submit a Grade Change form to the AARO to change the “I” grade to a valid final grade BEFORE the final grade deadline of the subsequent semester. The “I” grade will revert to an “F” grade if no Grade Change Form is submitted by the deadline. 

**WF Grades may be assigned at midterm or during final grading for students who receive a failing grade due to non-attendance. Faculty must enter the last date of attendance for each WF grade entered or indicate the students has “never attended” the course.

Grade Changes – A Grade Change Form may be used by Faculty to make a correction, an agreed upon grade change or to change an incomplete grade (“I”) to a valid grade. Any grade dispute must be addressed with the instructor that issued the grade. If the dispute is not resolved, the student may initiate the Grade Appeal Process