Incomplete Grades

An incomplete or grade of “I” may be given to a student when a minimal number of course assignments have not been completed due to unavoidable and legitimate circumstances. Unless otherwise indicated, students have one semester to finish any work necessary to complete the course within the allotted amount of time or it will result in a failing grade (“F”).

The Incomplete Grade Verification Form (available from the Academic Advising and Registration Office) must identify the reason for the incomplete grade and outstanding assignment(s). The instructor, student and department chairperson must sign the form. The instructor must submit the completed form to the Academic Advising and Registration Office at the time of grading. Once the required work is completed, the instructor must complete the Grade Change Form and submit it to the Academic Advising and Registration Office. The Office of Academic Affairs must approve all grade changes beyond a 60-day period. The final assigned grade is calculated into the student’s cumulative GPA and SAP.

October 14, 2016

January 5, 2021

Academic Affairs