Academic Suspension Appeal

Appeal Process

Students may appeal their academic suspension from the College by submitting an appeal letter to the Registrar. Appeals should be based on circumstances beyond the student’s control such as, injury or illness, death of a relative, or other special circumstances. The appeal must explain the failure to make satisfactory progress and what has changed that will allow satisfactory progress in the future.

The faculty Academic Performance Committee will review the appeal and within 30 days, the student will receive a letter from the Registrar, on behalf of the Academic Performance Committee, describing the outcome of the appeal hearing.

Appeal Approved

A student who successfully appeals the status of suspension and whose appeal is granted will be placed on Continued Academic Probation and will be required to follow an Academic Success Plan. This status is limited to one semester only. At the end of that semester, a student on Continued Academic Probation will have his/her academic progress reviewed and must be meeting the academic standards. If a student fails to meet these standards, the student is returned to the status of suspension.

December 21, 2016

January 4, 2021

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