Online Registration Troubleshooting

Error MessageWhat It MeansWhat To Do
Unable to register, have met all prerequisites for courses, and have no holdsRegistering too earlyCheck the Registration dates on the Academic Calendar, according to class (completed credits + current credits = total credits for class, located in My Progress in Student Planning)
Unable to register due to hold on accountHold will prevent registrationContact the Office that has placed the hold on your account to clear it up as soon as possible
The following required prerequisite for course XX is not started. (Prerequisite listed)Listed/required prerequisite has not been takenPrerequisites MUST be taken. Any overrides are approved by Department Chairs. Please contact your Academic Advisor.
The data record did not pass the criteria specified in the rule/Failed Section registration restriction rulesCourse is restricted to specific class (jr/sr) or majorSeek permission from Department Chair.
Students with a minor, please contact your Academic Advisor.
Student requires instructor’s consent to register in XX courseCourse requires department approvalSeek permission from Department Chair
This section is fullThe section has the maximum number of students registered
  1. Select a different section
  2. Request overload permission from the department for the section
  3. Add to the waitlist (if available)
Conflicting section with XXCourses chosen are offered at the same time.
Note: Registration is NOT permitted into courses that operate on the same day and time
Select a different day/time or contact your Academic Advisor for scheduling help
No Sections Available
  1. The course is not being offered that semester
  2. there may be an updated version of the course

Enter the course code (ex. DEN 101) in the “search of courses box,”

  1. check to see if it is offered another semester
  2. select and add to plan the updated version
Section No longer AvailableThe chosen section has been cancelled.
Note: Semester course listings are updated, prior to, during, and after the start of registration.
Select a new section of the course

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