11 Steps to Transfer Credits – Current Students


Verify courses you plan to transfer are required and transferable for your degree program.

  • Check your credits in Self Service > Student Planning > go to My Progress.
  • Cross check your required credits with an Academic Advisor to confirm transferable credits.
  • Avoid taking unnecessary courses that do not apply to your degree program.
  • Maintain a list of the recommended courses you can transfer to help with your search.

Search for Transfer Equivalencies:


Select the Institution you plan to attend as a “Guest Student”.

  • Click on the institution name (sort alphabetically, by city/state or enter name in the search box).
An exmaple of the Instution Search bar.
An example of the Institution Search directory.
  • If the school is not listed, contact the AARO for assistance.
  • Schools must be accredited and operate on semester terms.

View the Equivalency List for credits that are transferable from the Guest Institution to CCS

Click the search button to look for a specific CCS course equivalent (example: DEN 108). Guest Institution courses will be listed side by side with CCS courses and credits.

Record and save your list of selected courses

  • Click the checkbox for each course you wish to register at the Guest Institution.
  • Select the “Add/View My List” button to export your selected courses.
  • Select the “Email” or “Download” icon in the upper right corner.
  • Print/save the list for your records.
Sample image of the Equivalency List with two courses selected followed by a sample image of the "My List" view where the email button can be found.

Course Equivalent Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t take the same course twice to apply to multiple CCS degree requirements, only one course will apply to your program.
  • Don’t take a course that is not listed on the Equivalency List.
  • Don’t take a studio course and expect automatic credit. Credit is not guaranteed and is based on approval at the discretion of the Dept. Chair.
  • Do meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss your transfer credit plans and degree planning questions.
  • Do see the Registrar or an Academic Advisor with questions you have about courses that are not on the equivalency list.

Search the Guest Institution’s website

  • Review Guest Student procedures for registration
  • Review your planned term for registration and search courses from your saved/printed list for availability.
  • Contact the Guest Institution’s Registrar Office or other identified Student Service Office for assistance.
  • Confirm Guest Institution registration dates and deadlines

Add a note to Student Planning and notify your Academic Advisor (by meeting or email) of credit plans.

Step 1: click the "Advising" link. Step 2: Enter a note in the "Compose a Note" text box. Step 3: click the "Save Note" button. Step 4: click the "Request Review" button.

Register and complete the courses

  • Review Guest Student registration procedures at the Guest Institution.
  • If required by the Guest Institution, you can find the Michigan Undergraduate Guest Application (MUGA) on the AARO Transfer Credit Resources page.
  • Register at the Guest Institution using their procedures and registration dates.
  • Complete registered courses with a grade of “C” or higher.

Note: Only credits will transfer, not the grade. Courses with “C-” grade or lower are not accepted.

Be sure to email your Michigan Undergraduate Guest Application to the Academic Advising and Registration office at CCS.

Request an official transcript from the Guest Institution:

  • After all courses have been completed and grades are available, review the Guest Institution website or contact their Registrar’s Office to request an OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT.
  • Request to have your transcripts sent directly from the Guest Institution to the CCS Registrar:

College for Creative Studies
Academic Advising & Registration Office
ATTN: Karen LaDucer, Registrar
201 E. Kirby
Detroit, MI 48202

Electronic transcript requests can be emailed to: aaro@collegeforcreativestudies.edu


Final Step! Verify if your transfer credits have been received and placed:

  • Allow time for your transcript to arrive.
  • Check online and view Student Planning/My Progress to confirm if your credits have been placed appropriately.
  • Course requirements that were previously unsatisfied should now read as “completed” in your record.
  • Confirm with the Academic Advising & Registration Office if your Transcript has been received and/or processed.
  • If not, you may need to contact the Guest Institution to check on your transcript request.


Contact the Academic Advising & Registration Office (AARO): 313-664-7672.

Schedule an Advising Appointment with your Academic Advisor.