Program Requirements/Curriculum Charts

Select from the Curriculum Charts below (based on your Catalog Year) and find your Major. Click on the heading to expand to a list view for each term. Keep a copy of your chart to use with Student Planning and your Academic Advisor.

What if I want to study Art Education with my major?

Students interested in teaching K-12 may choose to enroll in an Undergraduate Major Program and Art Education. The CCS Art Education program is a unique, studio-based Visual Arts Teacher Certification program that combines an internationally recognized BFA degree with teacher preparation courses. This program is outlined in a 4 ½ year program and requires 144.0 credits.

Graduate Studies Program Requirements

All graduate programs are available in full-time and part-time mode. Students will work with the Graduate Advisor to review program options.

What is a Catalog Year?

The catalog year is given to a student when a student enters or matriculates into a degree program. The catalog year defines the program requirements to obtain a bachelor of fine arts degree from CCS. Students are also obligated to follow the policies and procedures in the catalog year when they have matriculated.

The catalog year is located on the upper left hand side of the academic evaluation (also known as degree audit). On the academic evaluation students will see the word Catalog: with a year following. This is the academic program of study for a students tenure at CCS and the catalog year coincides with the appropriate curriculum chart. If students are still unsure of their catalog year, they may contact your academic advisor.

If a student changes to a new major the catalog year is updated to the current catalog year or curriculum. Students may also update the catalog year if they opt to follow requirements to an updated academic program in their department. Students may update their catalog year by submitting the Change of Major Form to the Academic Advising and Registration Office. Catalog years are not retroactive. This means that a student on a current catalog year would not be allowed to follow a past catalog year.

If a student leaves the college for more than two years (four semesters) they are required to reapply to the College for Creative Studies. Their catalog year would change upon readmission to the new date of entry and they would be obligated to complete the requirements of the most recent Catalog.