Grade Appeal Process

Students who have concerns about their grades should discuss those concerns with the instructor who issued the grade. If a solution cannot be reached, the student should meet with the appropriate Department Chair to discuss and resolve the issue. If resolution still cannot be reached, students may then submit a written request for an appeal to the Office of Academic Affairs identifying the course and instructor, along with an explanation of the circumstances and reason for the request. Students must submit this documentation within 60 days after the last day of the semester in which the student was enrolled in the course. The Office of Academic Affairs will appoint a Hearing Officer (an academic Dean, the Provost, or a Department Chair other than the Department from which the appeal originates) and will schedule an academic hearing to be attended by the instructor, the student, the Department Chair, and the Hearing Officer. The Student Ombudsman may attend the hearing, at the student’s request. No other persons will be allowed in the hearing. The Hearing Officer will chair the hearing.

Students have the right to appeal the results of this hearing. These appeals must be initiated in writing either via email or in hard-copy to the Office of Academic Affairs within seven business days following the findings of the hearing. The appeal will be submitted to the Academic Performance Committee who will review it and render a final decision or conduct an appeal hearing before reaching a final decision. If the Committee is unable to meet in a timely manner, the appropriate Dean or the Provost may serve as the Hearing Officer. The appeal decision will be communicated to the student in written form and documentation will be placed in their file. The ruling of the Academic Performance Committee (or the Provost or appropriate Dean, as applicable) is final.

December 20, 2016

January 4, 2021

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