Internship Program

The Internship Program allows qualified students to earn academic credit while gaining first-hand experience in their chosen fields. Internships are available to BFA students with a junior or senior ranking and MFA students who completed one year of course work– although it is never too early to begin researching opportunities.  

Benefits Students Gain by Participating in an Internship

  • Using classroom skills in a real-world employment situation
  • Learning new skills from professionals in one’s chosen field
  • Gaining first-hand work experience prior to graduation
  • Networking with professionals, which may lead to future employment opportunities

Steps to Pursue an Internship for Credit 

Internships for credit are intended to replace a studio or elective course in your major. Course placement will be determined and approved by the department chair.  Students may earn 3 or 6 credits for an internship, depending on internship structure and contact hours.

BFA Requirements:  

  • Student must be a Junior or Senior in studio courses.   
  • Student must meet the College’s Junior Status Policy requirements.  
  • Student interns must have a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher. 
  • Portfolio Approval Form signed by Department Chair or full-time faculty member.
  • All students pursuing an internship must have their portfolio approved by their department chair or full-time faculty member. 

MFA Requirements:  

  • Complete one year of course work.
  • Grade Point Average of 3.0 or better.
  • Portfolio Approval Form signed by Department Chair or full-time faculty member.
  • All students pursuing an internship must have their portfolio approved by their department chair or full-time faculty member.

Students may search for internships in the following ways:

  • CCS Online Career Network  
  • Job Search sites such as the ones listed in the Additional Resources section on the Career Development page
  • Visit websites of companies of interest to research internship opportunities and the application process.  
  • Schedule an appointment with Career Development if additional assistance is needed.   

Once you have secured your internship location:

  • Provide a completed Internship Site Information Sheet (contact Kirsten Huff at for complete info) 
  • Career Development will review your internship site information and give you the Internship Approval Form and other important details about your internship.  
  • You will then take the Internship Approval Form to your department chair to be assigned a Faculty Sponsor and approval.   
  • You will take your COMPLETED Internship Approval Form to the Registration office. 
  • You will take your Internship Approval Form to International Student Services, if applicable.   

Internship Cost and Billing

Internships for credit are billed at a lower per-credit hour rate ($150 per credit hour) than other CCS coursework. 

All enrolled courses, including internship courses for credit, will be billed the same tuition rate .  The Financial Aid Office will be notified that a student is taking an internship for credit and will apply the Internship Grant to the students account, reducing the internship course cost to $150.00 per credit hour or $450.00 for a 3-credit internship course or $900.00 for a 6-credit internship course. 

A student can review their semester billing statement through Self Service and contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss any further financial aid eligibility. 

Steps to Pursue a Non-Credit Internship

Non-credit internships are another option for students to pursue a professional experience. Non-credit internships do not require a specific GPA, class standing or a mandated number of contact hours.  There is no tuition cost for a non-credit internship and there is no limit on the number of non-credit internship opportunities that a student can take.

Students who will be on hiatus or enrolled less than 6 credits during their internship should contact the Financial Aid Office in order to fully understand any financial implications.

June 16, 2017

April 20, 2021

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