Declaring or Changing Majors

If you are an undeclared student and need to declare your major, or you are a student who wishes to change your major, you must:

  1. Meet with a staff advisor in the Academic Advising and Registration Office (AARO)to discuss your plans. Complete and sign the Change of Major form. It is best to make any changes before registering for the upcoming semester.
  2. Meet with the chair of the department you intend to enter and have him/her approve the transfer of any credits from your old major to the new major (if applicable) and sign and date the Change of Major Form.

    The Department Administrator will forward the completed form to the Academic Advising and Registration Office.

If a student decides to change majors, all classes already taken will count in the maximum timeframe SAP evaluation. It is possible a change of major could impact your SAP standing.

Policy Contact

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December 21, 2016

August 29, 2019

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