Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement:

Academic Affairs provides teaching and learning leadership to inspire and cultivate exceptional student, faculty, and staff experiences and outcomes.

Vision Statement:

Academic Affairs will provide teaching and learning leadership that prioritizes transformative practices with informed risk-taking. The office will further inspire and cultivate exceptional experiences and outcomes in service to students and the CCS community.

Curriculum and Assessment

Curriculum Committee Submissions

Preliminary Program Proposal 
Request for New Program
Request for New Course
Change to Existing Course
Change to Existing Program

CCS Professional Development Series

The CCS Professional Development Series is held monthly during the academic semester, each talk is a one-hour, peer-to-peer discussion to help faculty and staff grow and increase awareness of fellow faculty practices. Open to faculty and staff, these engaging talks cover a range of topics, from curriculum spotlights to intellectual property rights. Each talk is organized around a central theme and will feature CCS faculty and staff discussing how they implement the topic in their own teaching and creative practices. These talks are designed to allow the CCS community to grow professionally while building camaraderie.

Video Series

Each year, Academic Affairs holds an event called Faculty Day of Training in an effort to discuss topics that are of interest to all CCS faculty members.  For fall 2021, the topics were on health and wellness of students and faculty, Gen-X students, constructive critiques, and strategies to make your course more effective. 

CCS Publishing Award

CCS Publishing Award Overview and Guidelines

Position Descriptions

Academic Affairs Roles and Responsibilities

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Adverse Effects/Unintended Consequences form
Continuing Review
Informed Consent
IRB Exemption Checklist
IBR Flow Chart
IRB Policy and Bylaws
IRB Proposal Form
Proposal Evaluation and Decision form
Research Project Completion form

August 2020 IRB presentation
2022-2023 Institutional Review Board (IRB) Membership

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How to Locate Your Course Evaluations in Canvas

Syllabi Templates

All faculty are required to use Simple Syllabus.  The below syllabi templates should be used upon submission of Independent Study, Special Project, or Guided Study requests. Internships have a designated syllabus template.
Please download the templates in order to use.

Graduate Syllabus Template – Fall 2023 and Winter 2024
Graduate Syllabus Template (Online/Hybrid) – Fall 2023 and Winter 2024
Undergraduate Syllabus Template – Fall 2023 and Winter 2024
Undergraduate Syllabus Template (Online/Hybrid) – Fall 2023 and Winter 2024
Internship Syllabus Template – Fall 2023 and Winter 2024

Development Requests

Use this form to request a faculty development, staff development, program manager development, or visiting artist opportunity within the CCS Academic Affairs division.

Development Request Form

Student Travel/Development

Field Trip Request
International Travel policy
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Pre-and Post-Trip Checklist
Student Domestic Travel Policy
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Student Funding Criteria

Policies and Procedures


Student Handbook
Faculty Handbook
Staff Handbook 


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Faculty Assembly

Faculty Assembly Bylaws

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Faculty Review Committee
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Sabbatical and Faculty Development
Speakers and Exhibitions
2022-2023 Speakers and Exhibitions Schedule