Double Majors

Students seeking a double major must meet studio requirements for both majors. Courses, including foundations (18 credits), liberal arts (42 credits), studio electives (9 credits), and general electives (6 credits) as part of one major, may be used, when appropriate, to satisfy the requirements of the second major. 75 credit hours may be shared between the two majors.

Each plan for the major must be developed in consultation with and approved by a Department Chair. Students wishing to declare a double major must complete the Double Major Declaration form that is available in the Academic Advising and Registration Office (AARO). Students must submit the completed form to AARO with the approval of the second major’s Department Chair. One of the majors must be designated as the primary program of study on the form.

Second Major After Graduation

Students may complete a second major after graduation by applying through the CCS Admissions Office. Requirements from the first major are evaluated, and when appropriate, foundations, studio, and liberal arts coursework from the first major may be applied to the second major. Admitted transfer students are sent a potential Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) and curriculum chart via email shortly after being admitted. The TCE outlines which courses have been accepted for transfer credit and how they apply toward your CCS degree.

March 26, 2021

April 9, 2021

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