Declaring a Studio Minor

Studio minors are 15 credits. Most studio majors offer a minor to students from other majors. Students cannot minor in their major. Students should consult with the Department Chair of the major department they wish to minor in for specific information. A Minor Declaration Form must be signed by the Department Chair and returned to the Academic Advising and Registration Office for processing. A maximum of six transfer credits earned from an accredited institution may be applied to a minor in any area of study. The Department Chair must review the student’s portfolio for approval of transfer credit.

A student who wants to complete two Fashion Accessories Design minors can have the credits counted towards both minors for shared required courses, likewise shared elective courses between two minors can count towards both minors. The student would be required to take non-shared required courses and the appropriate number of elective courses to fulfil the remaining minor credit requirements.

Minors appear on the final official transcript but do not appear on the diploma.

A list of studio minors is published on the back of the Declaration of Minor Form that can be found on Blackboard under the Academic Advising and Registration Office.

Removing a Minor

Students have the option to remove a minor from their program at any time if they no longer wish to complete credits or satisfy the minor requirements. To remove a minor, complete the “Drop Minor” section on the Minor Declaration Form. Students will then only need to complete the original credits listed for the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program.


April 12, 2017

January 4, 2021

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