Application Portfolio Requirements

Copywriting Major:

Applicants to the Copywriting major are not required to submit a portfolio. The admissions decision will be based on grade point average and ACT or SAT test scores.

All Other Majors:

The art work you submit with your application should demonstrate original thinking and should be a reflection of you and how you view the world.

It should include examples of work that indicates the type of student you will be at the College for Creative Studies.

It should provide us with an understanding of your interest in and commitment to the field of art and/or design.

Your work may show how other artists and designers have influenced you.
You may also want to show how other aspects of culture – i.e. literature, music, film, politics, fashion, etc. – have helped you develop both intellectually and artistically.

The art work you submit does not need to include examples of your work in your intended major. The work should emphasize your strongest skill sets and show us how you think.

Edit your work. Quality is more important than quantity. Limit your art samples to 5 to 8 consistent pieces. Work completed within the last two years is usually the strongest.

Specific Requirements for the following Majors:

  • Entertainment Arts (doesn’t apply to Video)
  • Art Practice
  • Illustration
  • Transportation Design

Strong drawing skills are a must for these majors. A minimum of 5 drawings from direct observation and/or imagination, in any medium, must be included.

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December 10, 2020

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