Articulation and Transfer Agreements

The College for Creative Studies (CCS) supports our transfer students through:

  • Articulation Agreements with other institutions to easily facilitate transfer credit. CCS supports ease of transfer for students who have attended a community college and earned an associate degree at that institution. The objective is to aid students toward their goal of earning a bachelor degree from CCS and to provide a smooth transition that minimizes loss of credit and duplication of coursework.
  • CCS has Transfer Guides with 49 (predominantly) Michigan institutions to help identify transferable liberal arts courses.
  • Additionally, College for Creative Studies is a signatory member in the Michigan Transfer Agreement and agrees to the policies and procedures outlined. The two-year institution must verify that a student has met the terms of the agreement.

Course transfer information, including articulation agreements, equivalency guides and the MTA agreement is available from the Academic Advising and Registration Office.

January 26, 2018

January 4, 2021