Assigning Academic Credit

College for Creative Studies uses credit hours as a general measure of academic work and progress toward degrees at both the Undergraduate and Graduate level. The College’s use of credit hours complies with standards established by our accrediting bodies and is consistent with generally accepted practices of peer institutions across the nation.

At CCS, one credit hour represents an average of at least three hours of work each week for a period of 15 or 16 weeks. Most classes offered award three credit hours upon successful completion, hence an average of at least nine hours per week of classroom and outside work, totaling 135 hours in a 15-week semester is expected.

  • For studio courses, three credit hours represents six hours of class time with an average of at least three hours of work outside of class each week.
  • For lecture classes, including Liberal Arts, three credit hours represents three hours of class time with an average of at least six hours of work outside of class each week.

    Workloads may vary from class to class, depending upon the period during the semester, but students should expect to commit to an average of at least nine hours of classroom and outside work per week for every three credit hour class taken.

During a 15 or 16-week semester students enrolled in a three credit hour independent study or a three credit fully online course are expected to commit to at least nine hours of work per week or 135 hours. Summer courses that are offered in a condensed term are scheduled to have the same number of classroom hours as a lecture or studio class of equal credit would have over a 15-week semester. Likewise, the weekly expectation of outside of class work is adjusted so that the classroom and outside work totals at least 135 hours.

Students in the undergraduate program may complete more than 3 hours of effort per credit during an elective internship, a CCS travel class or Directed Teaching.

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