Artificial Intelligence Institutional Statement

The mission of College for Creative Studies is to nurture the creativity that is vital to the enrichment of modern culture. The College recognizes the expanding development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms and the need to incorporate appropriate usage into the curriculum, while simultaneously acknowledging the challenges this technology poses for amplifying bias, relying upon free labor, and its environmental impact. AI systems are able to generate images and language through rapid processing of large amounts of available data; it learns from the patterns and features encountered, evolving through self-learning and the incorporation of additional data. Its use, both “creative” and administrative, is already having tremendous societal impact, and the ability to collaborate with AI systems will be an expectation in the coming job market.

Recognizing both the challenges and benefits of AI systems and how these differ by discipline, the College depends upon program Chairs to develop program-specific AI usage guidelines for their program’s curriculum. However, there are four overarching institutional principles for its use in any CCS coursework.

  1. Unless specifically approved by the instructor in writing, in conjunction with department guidelines, AI system results should not be included in final outputs and/or deliverables, but only used for process and research.
  2. Students must cite the systems and document the relevant prompts utilized in their process and research in the final assignment outcomes.
  3. Unless specifically approved by the instructor in writing, in conjunction with department guidelines, it is prohibited to use the names of artists/designers, companies, or brands within the prompts to maintain the artistic integrity of those involved.
  4. Equity in access for any AI systems allowed in the course must be assured by the instructor, in conjunction with department guidelines. Meaning, the platforms utilized by students to meet course requirements must be free access or offered via CCS-provided subscription.

The College’s pedagogical creative process model of discovery, development, and delivery encourages students to reach their highest potential, through exploration and play, encouraging them to find their unique voice. CCS students are expected to abide by the CCS Academic Integrity Policy in the creation of all work, as well as any Integrity guidelines created by their specific program related to AI usage. 

Though CCS embraces new technology and acknowledges the opportunities for exploration that AI utilization offers, the above stated principles will allow for responsible adoption of AI systems while the institution evolves their pedagogical model to better align with this new reality.