Form – Development Request

  • Use this form to request a faculty development, staff development, program manager development, or visiting artist opportunity within the CCS Academic Affairs division.
  • Please include a two-to-three paragraph rationale of how this experience will benefit the College. This rationale must be attached for consideration (within the form). 
  • If this is a faculty development request and faculty are required to teach during the time requested, include detailed plans for course coverage (within the form).
  • Any costs that exceed the allotted budget, should have a different budget center assigned or the person will cover the costs out-of-pocket.  Only approved expenses will be covered by Academic Affairs.
  • If approved, the department or form originator is responsible for completing the necessary travel arrangements and payment requisitions.  All reimbursement forms must be filed within 60 days of the event.
  • If the event/trip is canceled, please notify the Academic Affairs office immediately. 

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