Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

The faculty of the College have articulated the general objectives of a CCS education in the form of Institutional Student Learning Outcomes and the criteria of the various majors have been aligned with these Institutional Outcomes. Institutional Learning Objectives are as follows:

CCS graduates will be able to:

  • THINK:  Demonstrate critical thinking characterized by experimentation, inquiry, and theoretically informed social, cultural, and historical awareness.
  • CREATE:  Synthesize knowledge and skills in the conceptualization and realization of creative expression.
  • COMMUNICATE:  Articulate ideas and visual concepts in writing, presentations, and professional practice.
  • INNOVATE:  Frame visionary responses to evolving social, cultural, and economic needs and opportunities.
  • CONNECT:  Engage as responsible and ethical citizens of diverse, local, global and professional communities.
  • LEAD:  Demonstrate leadership through appropriate research, methods, design, and professional conduct.

Program Learning Outcomes – Graduate Studies

  • Color and Material Deisgn
  • User Experience Design
  • Transportation Design

Program Learning Outcomes – Undergraduate Studies

July 27, 2020

December 11, 2023

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