Campus Tours

Reason for Policy

Many departments of the College provide tours to its constituents: IA to donors, Marketing to the media, Admissions to prospective students, etc. This document sets policy for visitors seeking tours of Campus NOT related to admissions, press tours, Institutional Advancement corporate and individual donors, alumni, or prospective recruiters, the CAP middle school tour program, and tours by facilities. Examples of visitors seeking tours that would fall under this policy:

  • Groups wishing to take group tours such as senior citizen groups or civic groups.
  • General visitors on tours of Detroit and surrounding Midtown area.
  • Anyone calling in to the general CCS phone system wishing to take a tour of campus.
  • Anyone not covered by a department who expresses desire to tour CCS.


  1. Inquiry will be routed to the appropriate department if request is for Admissions, IA, Career Services, Marketing, etc.). If no department is found, inquiry will be routed to Institutional Advancement. 313-664-7465.
  2. It is preferred that the person or group is to be directed tour CCS during Student Exhibition the last two weeks in May during the time of the Student Exhibition Opening to closing of the exhibition. There are generally two evenings and two days that representatives from IA will be on hand to give tour at that time. Person will be directed to a group tour/time best suited to multiple visitors at the same time whenever possible.
  3. During fall and winter months while classes are in session, the IA department will hold a monthly tour of campus as needed, including Ford Campus and Taubman Center. This will occur on the (third Thursday of the month) with a representative from IA present to give the tour. Tours will begin on the Ford Campus, meeting in front of the Arts Center Building across from the sculpture garden at 10:00 am. Tours will last two hours and include 45 minutes per location with 15 minutes for transportation between locations. It is asked that all tour participants register with IA in advance. Tour groups will take the CCS Transport Shuttle between campuses unless otherwise indicated.

Additionally, it is agreed:

  • Tours are given in the spirit of building community recognition for CCS, and no solicitations will take place during tour.
  • A minimum of 72 hours’ notice is required for person to give tour.
  • Tour can be refused or rescheduled at the discretion of the IA department/tour leader if not appropriate for the school. No class will be disrupted by tours, and the faculty of any class can refuse to have tour visit their class, though it is generally accepted policy that small tour groups will enter their classes for a short period of time to see student work/meet students.
  • Tours will be for up to 10 people. Any tour larger than 10 people will need to be scheduled as a private tour at the discretion of the IA department depending on time of staff to complete a tour and additional workload at the time.
  • Generally, it is obvious, based on the background/ tour request of a person/persons, which department will handle a tour, however, in case of discrepancy between the departments, Tracy Muscat, VP for Institutional Advancement will work to determine the best solution.
  • Tours will not utilize resources primarily indicated for students to the detriment of the students. Therefore, large parties (over 10) will not be able to ride the CCS shuttle buses, as well as limited parties of any size in the noon hour and 3:00-4:30 pm. Individual cars will be encouraged to be used at that time.

March 7, 2017

August 9, 2022

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