Searching Transfer Equivalencies

CCS has partnered with TES (Transfer Evaluation System) to establish a database of potential transfer equivalencies.

Current CCS students should meet with their Academic Advisor (or contact the Registrar) to verify how credits will transfer into their degree program before attempting registration of transfer credits at a Guest Institution. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure courses are satisfied and meet current college standards for degree completion. Contact the AARO for all inquiries regarding Transfer Credit.

Note: Only New/Incoming students verify transfer credit equivalency through the CCS Admissions Office.

  • All courses require a grade of “C” (2.00) or higher to transfer. 
  • Major Studio courses are generally determined during the admission process. This list may include some studio courses unofficially and will not transfer automatically. Placement is at the discretion of the Department Chair and is not guaranteed; portfolio review required. It is recommended that all studio courses are completed at CCS to meet current program expectations.
  • Transfer credit equivalencies are subject to change and final determination of credit placement is evaluated by the Registrar upon receiving an official/final transcript.

Click the institution name to view potential transfer equivalents.