Course Detail

20/FA DMA-381-A

Instructor: Bentley
Credits: 3   Instruction Method: HYB
Status: OPEN

This course focuses on digital modeling and sculpting and the design development of hard surface assets/characters/vehicles as they relate to game design and animation. Treatments and synopsis will describe the theme based back story, rationale, and visual design. Students will learn the sculpting and modeling techniques of conceptual artists and digital sculptors, to create models for film and game design focused on high resolution conceptual models and baked game models. Students will exit the course with a finished and highly developed portfolio of sculptures and models, rendered and complete with textures.

Start Date: 2020-08-31 End Date: 2020-12-12
Meeting in: W W
Room: 010 010
Days: W W
Start Time: 8:30 AM 12:45 PM
End Time: 11:15 AM 3:30 PM