Course Detail

20/FA DAS-313-A

Instructor: Grindem
Department: LIBERAL ARTS
Credits: 3   Instruction Method: ONHY
Status: OPEN

This course prepares students to connect their creative practice with prospective customers and clients through the study of contemporary marketing techniques. The course builds on knowledge gained in DAS-213 Business Practices to deepen student understanding of fundamental business concepts and methods. The primary concepts in the course include: 1) the development of a branded self to build a distinctive image and to establish the basis for the market value of creative work for use in an entrepreneurial or corporate environment and 2) an exploration of social media strategies to communicate that image and corresponding value proposition to potential customers. Understanding branding and image management is essential for professional artists and designers to effectively translate their talents into an economy where markets offer a wide variety of competing choices. Students in this course will complete a personal branding project and a marketing plan to incorporate into their overall business plan and career development strategy. This course is taught by Walsh College faculty. It is an 11 week hybrid course (in class and online) that may be used for Liberal Arts or General Elective credit.

Start Date: 2020-08-31 End Date: 2020-12-12
Meeting in: ONL
Days: W
Start Time: 12:45 PM
End Time: 3:30 PM