Working from Home

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VDI Access – MacOS and Windows

A new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) system will be implemented for the fall semester. This will allow students to access a virtual Windows desktop with most CCS software installed and with improved performance and better reliability. The VDI system will work from both on- and off-campus, allowing students to use their personal device (Mac or Windows) to access the software that will run on powerful servers at CCS. Of course, students with appropriate devices may still run software locally on their own computers as licensing allows, and software will still be available in labs on-campus for in-person use.

Review the directions for MacOS

Review the directions for Windows

Anti-Virus Software

It is very important to make sure that your anti-virus software on your machine is active and up to date.

VNC Access to your Campus computer

In order to access a machine on the CCS campus remotely you will need to download the VNC viewer from

View more steps here…

Visit to get started.

Accessing filr

If you use the CCS Shared Drive to access shared documents you can still access those folders remotely using filr. It’s important to keep in mind there are two points of access depending on what physical campus you typically work from.

If you work on the Ford campus visit

If you work on the Taubman campus visit

Once you log in, click the Net Folders link at the left side of the browser window to start navigating the folders to which you have access.

Click the Net Folders icon to view shared folders.

CCS Access Manager

You can easily access the applications used on campus by visiting the Access Manager window found at Click on the icon of the application you wish to visit, and your browser will open the webpage. 

Quickly access commonly used applications by clicking an icon.

If you find you use specific applications regularly, why not make them into favorites? Hover over the icon of the application you wish to add and click the star in the upper right to add it to the favorites page.

You can favorite applications you use frequently.
Your favorites page designed by you.

Using Your CCS Phone

Set Up Alternate Outgoing Message

During this emergency it is recommended that your outgoing message includes instructions on how to best reach you. You can set up an alternate greeting for calls while you are away.

  1. Dial in to your CCS extension 
  2. Once the call is answered press *
  3. Enter your id (this is your phone’s four digit extension) 
  4. Enter you personal pin 
  5. For set up options, press 4
  6. Press 1 to change your greeting.
  7. Activate your alternate greeting by pressing 2
  8. When prompted, record a new greeting and activate the new greeting.
  9. Pressing * will exit out of these setting

Place a Conference Call

  1. With a call in progress, press the Confrn softkey.
  2. Dial the number/extension of the third party you wish to add to the call.
  3. When the third party answers, press the Confrn softkey again to add this party to the conference.
  4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 to add more callers.

Check Voicemail From Outside

  1. Dial your full number (Example: 313-xxx-xxxx)
  2. Press ‘*’ when you hear the greeting
    a. Your ID is your Ext, followed by your pin.

You can find more instructions for your CCS phone here.

Online Phone Directory

Need to find a phone number of a CCS staff member? Visit the online phone directory. Use the Phone Search section to look up a person by their first or last name or search for a department. If they have an entry in the CCS database, their number will be listed. Remember, the link to the online phone director can also be found on the CCS Access Manager page.

Quickly find the number of a CCS staff member.

Online Meetings with Zoom and Google

Google Meet

Meet is fully integrated with G Suite, so you can join meetings directly from a Calendar event or email invite. This is a very basic online meeting application that allows users to share their screen and and documents. Google Meet utilizes your computer’s built in camera and microphone to assist with collaboration. You can also create or join a meeting from your mobile device using the Google Meet application.

Join or start a meeting on the Google Meet portal.
Schedule a Google Meet directly from your Google Calendar.

Using ZOOM for Video Conferencing

Zoom is a conferencing tool that will allow you to present and share meetings online. Visit to get started. Remember, you can also access this link in the CCS Access Manager.

Note: You can also set up a audio only meeting.

To host a meeting, Click the “Host a meeting” option on the home screen. You can determine if you want to host with your webcam video on or off.

Click “Sign in with Google” and enter your CCS login information. You will be asked to confirm you CCS account information and then be taken to a launch page to set up your meeting.

Log in to set up your meeting.

If you are joining a presentation, click “Join a meeting”. You will need the meeting ID or Personal link name to proceed.

You’ll need your meeting ID to join a meeting.

Need addition help? You can visit the Zoom Help Center to find answers to many of your questions. Visit the Zoom Help Center.

Get help at the Zoom Help Center.

Other Helpful Links

Bookmark the links below on your computer’s browser for faster access.

CCS Policies

This website is your comprehensive, easy to use source to College for Creative Studies policies—the policies that apply to all CCS employees and/or students. In addition to these policies, your department may have policies that apply to specific topics.

CCS Helpdesk

Remember to be SPECIFIC and include as much information as possible when filling out your ticket information. The more information you provide up front will help reduce the amount of time it can take to resolve your issue.

Campus Offices

All the campus offices listed in one place. Click the office link to visit their individual home page.